3D Portfolio
...of sorts

Full sculpts

Feline avatar base

(2021) This sculpt spawned from a bit of practice sculpting off a base mesh generated from an armature by Skinify in blender. Turned out to be a great anthro base that I will likely use for future VRC avatars.

Snow leopard head

(2020) Sculpted as a replacement for my vroid-generated avatar, will be combined with a male sculpt of the above base for a new avatar

Saber sculpt

(2018) A resculpt of the manokit v1 that was intended to become a Beat Saber themed, public use avatar for the game (but never did).

Snow leopard fursona

Custom sculpting, retexturing, atlassing, rigging and blendshapes from a VRoid generated base model. Used as both a personal VTuber avatar and in VRChat.

Manokit avatar base v2 (2020-)

An overhaul of v1 with the skills I picked up since then; more detailed sculpt, complete manual retopo, logical UV mapping, and set up in a way to be sold for customization in VRChat.

Manokit avatars v1 (2017)

First thing I ever sculpted, done in Sculptris from scratch, which led to some hard lessons on UV maps and poly counts. No mouth, no blendshapes, basically a rigged and painted lump of clay. Used in VRChat and Beat Saber until the character design was sold (with the fursuit).

Model Conversions

Final Fantasy XIV model ripping

FF14 has been integral to my growth as a 3D artist.
Before TexTools did all of it for you, putting the pieces together to create a working avatar was how I practiced shading, rigging, weight painting, etc.
And after it was as easy as hitting Export, figuring out how to get the games animations into a format usable in VRChat was the next goal, which took a ton of experimenting with Havok tools. I started ripping entire world and housing assets as well to convert to VR worlds.
In all, it was a great experience digging in and learning how the game engine handled its assets, and figuring out how those adapt to another engine.

Beat Saber custom sabers (2018-2019)

Found models that were customized to match the aesthetic of the rhythm game,

Ahsoka's Lightsabers
4 color variants, model pieced together from a print-ready STL and decimated for game optimization. My favorites.

The Darksaber
Hilt also pieced together from print-ready STL, custom blade with reversed UV layer for edge glow

Kanan, Ezra, Obi Wan sabers
Kanan & Ezra hilts ripped from a Star Wars mobile game, Obi Wan's found. Full glow and black variants.

Mace Windu, Darth Vader, and Quigon sabers were also made in a similar fashion.

Count Dooku's Saber
A lesson in geometry reduction and precise material mapping, these curved hilts felt very nice in hand with the Oculus Touch

VRChat/Beat Saber avatars


Rip from Trials of Mana
Had to do some weight adjustments, rigging fixes, and add custom blendshapes for blinking and speech.


Flawed model given to me for VRChat conversion, needed to redo weight painting & additional bones for physics, mouth geometry, visemes, and eye rigging

Competitive Spirit Titan

A Destiny 2 VRChat conversion commission, model provided by Bungie with proprietary shaders. Some fun texture baking needed to happen to get it looking good in VRC.

Tohru from Dragon Maid
MMD conversion, first foray into avatars and gaining experience using DynamicBones

Zangoose with Seviper sabers
Thought it would be funny when I saw the snake-like pokemon's T-pose. Dragonite with Dratini sabers also made.

Luke Skywalker with accompanying sabers. Model rip from some SW mobile game

MMD conversion commissioned by the Bronycon game room for its 2018-19 conventions.

Avatar re-textures

Zenith the Wickerbeast

Model by Jin A. Custom emission layer for constellations in the mane.

Tango the Gryphon

Model by Meelo.


Umbreon run cycle

Custom animation I did before I found the ripped in-game animations


Custom personal vrchat emote.